Moving Your Pet to Singapore from the US

Hi everyone!

This is my dog Milk 🙂 I bought her when I lived in New York and raised there till she turned 1, brought her back to Los Angeles when I moved back, and is now moving again to a whole new continent, Singapore! Thought it’d be as easy as just hopping her on the plane and flying her back, but we realized there are soo many procedures to follow. Some joke saying it’s best to just buy the dog there if you can.. but for most dog owners that’s just not an option.

They require the dog to be quarantined for 30 days unless you follow a very strict procedure that has to be carefully planned out six months ahead, which then can be lessened to 10 days.  It’s pretty confusing on the website so I’ve summarized it below:

The main site you should navigate for all the info:

For those coming from the United States other than Guam and Hawaii,
you are CATEGORY C. 

You have two options, C1 and C2.

C1: If you follow this criteria, your dog can be quarantined for 10 days only.

C2: if you follow this criteria, your dog will be quarantined for minimum of 30 days. yes, 30 days-_-

Having my dog quarantined at a random station isn’t an option for me, so for those who are in CATEGORY C and following C1:

  1. Apply for quarantine space from Sembawang Animal Quarantine Station at least 3 months before your pet’s landing date. The spaces get booked up quick! You can apply at this email address: AVA_Import& and by filling out and attaching this file.
    You’ll hear back from them in approximately three days. For any other required documents regarding rabies/titer test/microchip, you can send to them after you submit the application form.
  2. Here’s the confusing part. C1 requirements are as follows: 
    (1)     The dog/cat must have valid vaccination against rabies using an AVA-approved inactivated vaccine at least four (4) months prior to export. This refers to a valid primary vaccination and/or up to date booster(s) according to the vaccine manufacturers’ recommendations. The dog/cat must have a blood sample taken and tested for acceptable rabies antibody levels at least one (1) month after the above vaccination and within six (6) months prior to export.
    (2)     Following the date of sampling for serology, the dog/cat must be vaccinated again. This additional vaccination must not be less than one (1) month prior to export.                                                                                              So to state it simply, your dog needs to: a. get her first/booster rabies shot at least four months before their arrival date. ($20 + office visit fee)
    b. after at least a month, get titer testing. Results can take up to 2 months. ($200)
    c. one month before your dog’s arrival date, get ANOTHER rabies shot. No matter how the test came out. ($20 + office visit fee)
  3. 30 days prior to your pet’s arrival date, apply for the Import License from AVA by visiting the website listed here:
    The owner or his agent must apply for the import licence by submitting an online application through AVA’s website (>e-Services>Animals&Pet Sector>Licence to Import/Export/Transship of Animals/Birds/Eggs/Biologics) 30 days prior to the arrival of animals. The Application and Acceptance for Quarantine of Dogs and Cats at Sembawang Animal Quarantine Station (SAQS) must be attached to the online application form.
  4. After C1’s requirements are completed, obtain (a)  a veterinary certificate (in accordance with the attached template) bearing a date not more than seven (7) days prior to export, signed by a government approved veterinarian of the country of export and endorsed by an official government veterinarian of the country of export,describing the age, breed, sex, colour, markings or other points of identification of dog/cat and certifying to the effect that you completed C1 requirements. Vet certificate – international cost: $65
  5. Finally, you have to notify your arrival!  The owner or his agent shall contact the Quarantine Office as stated in the Import Licence at least five (5) working days before the arrival of the animal.

Yep. It’s so complicated and expensive! Most dog owners will find themselves spending $500~1000 to relocate their pet to Singapore. Hope this post helped those who are confused about the process.

Here are service and fee charges:

Transport charge (from CAPQ/Tuas Checkpoint to SAQS: $74.00 per dog or cat per trip or $74 per consignment of small mammals per trip
Rabies vaccination (as required): $65.00 per dog or cat
Quarantine fees
– per dog or cat per day or part thereof (non-airconditioned) : $16.80
– per dog or cat per day or part thereof (airconditioned) : $26.25
– per small mammal consignment or room per day or part thereof : $26.25

Contact info:

Sembawang Animal Quarantine Station
10 Lorong Chencharu Singapore 769197

For reservation of quarantine space, please contact AVA headquarter
Tel: (65) 63257333 or AVA_Import&
For enquiries of the status of your pets in Sembawang Animal Quarantine Station
Tel: (65) 64822724

2 thoughts on “Moving Your Pet to Singapore from the US

  1. Isabelle says:

    Milk is so adorable! I will also move from L.A. to Singapore early next year and I really needed information regarding pet relocation. Thanks for sharing this.

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